ECOWIND 2000 H und 2000 S

Another milestone on the path to a renewable, decentralised energy supply


Diameter of the rotor head: Approx. 2.0 m
Height of rotor head: Approx. 2.5 m
Standard height of the turbine: Approx. 4.5 m
Blades: Plastic, fibreglass, aerodynamic design
Standard number: 5
Generator: Three-phase, brushless
Construction: Permanent magnet generator, maintenance-free
Expected service life: 25 years
Maintenance: Practically none
Rated output: 2 kW (other outputs possible 3,5 kW, 5 kW und 7,5 kW)
Annual output: Approx. 4,500 kWh
Installation site: Any type of roof or foundation
House connection: Fully automatic inverter incl.

Article available for download as a PDF

Product benefits of the "Ecowind" range of wind turbines

  • Clean energy for in-house consumption in homes and businesses
  • High efficiency thanks to our aerodynamic blades 
  • Self-running, even at low wind speeds 
  • Energy production regardless of the wind direction, no complex adjustments for the wind direction, even blustery conditions with frequently changing wind direction can power the rotor
  • Low-cost manufacture, few components, every turbine is based on the same modular system and can thus be expanded and later even retrofitted 
  • Top-quality materials and intelligent design mean there are practically no maintenance costs 
  • The turbines can be assembled exactly where they’re needed 
  • There are practical solutions for almost any location or application (mast heights, foundation types, supports) 
  • Various output categories are available, including 2 kW, 3.5 kW, 5 kW and 7.5 kW 
  • The new design ensures quiet and low-vibration operation, making it more popular with the neighbours
  • It’s easy to transport and install thanks to its low weight 
  • Generally, no heavy machinery is required for installation
  • Small footprint, even if a concrete foundation is used
  • Easy to disassemble completely, e.g. if you move or sell the system 
  • Fixed price guarantee ex works
  • Stand-alone operation potential for areas outside of the grid 
  • Fully automatic operation, shutdown, restart 
  • Wide range of applications: direct use of energy, water heating, water pumping and treatment, charging batteries 
  • Also ideal in combination with other energy sources including solar for maximum independence from energy providers 
  • Short payback period: the higher the energy price and inflation rate, the shorter the payback period


The systems have been constructed in such a way to ensure you can easily set them up on your own. Thanks to the screw-in base, no excavation work is necessary. The systems are easy to transport using a trailer and usually don’t require heavy machinery for installation.

The systems can even be retrofitted later, building on the basic frame. The rotor blades, rotor head and generator can be exchanged easily, ensuring an even more productive system. In addition, the entire system can be completely dismantled should you choose to move house or sell the system.

Thanks to our screw-in foundations, you don’t need to obtain planning permission because the structures are classed as “temporary constructions” such as circus tents. In many German states, heights of up to 10 m do not require planning permission.

The local conditions must be taken into account for a complete price.

Potential use
The systems are primarily intended for detached houses, but industrial and commercial properties (usually with 24/7 electricity consumption), agricultural companies, farms, etc. can also benefit from our systems. Solutions based on exhaust air can also be prepared.

Prospects/further developments
We research and develop innovative systems for generating, storing and using energy such as hydrogen production, storage, fuel cells and stand-alone energy solutions.

Our developments are perfectly attuned to our systems, meaning our customers can always find a well-coordinated range of systems.

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